AILE Wood-Aluminium Windows & Doors

AILE group is one of the leading producers of wood-aluminium windows and doors. These windows and doors are offered in various types, sizes, wood species, with insulated glass and colour options. Delivering outstanding projects since 1991, AILE is based in Latvia and part of UPB AS, one of the leading industrial companies in the Baltic States.

Ongoing R&D combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and Latvian craftmanship in their factories, allow AILE to execute complicated and diverse projects.


Features and benefits of AILE wood-aluminium windows and doors:

  • High energy efficiency providing warmth and comfort indoors.
  • High sound attenuation options.
  • Aluminium shell protects the wooden surface from external weather conditions and increases durability while removing the need to repaint.
  • Wood can be painted in RAL colours or a clear stain highlighting the grain. Aluminium decorative shells are available in over 200 RAL colours.
  • Produced from highest class, multi-layered laminated wood.
  • Option to integrate all-glass corners.
  • All possible Turn & Tilt based operating mechanisms.
  • Burglar resistant windows.
  • Electrically heated windows.
  • Certified production, ecological manufacturing, natural and recycled materials.

AILE AltoNova 7, 12 and 23

These window and door systems include 3 gasket levels for excellent air and water tightness and thermal insulation. The technical performance and design of these systems are well suited as for residential projects, and commercial or institutional projects with technically complicated engineering requirements.

Passive House Standard can be achieved with a specially engineered exterior thermal shell. Insulated glazing options provide a wide range of solar protection, sound attenuation, personal security and thermal performance.

AILE COto 48 and 62

These window and door systems are engineered and designed to achieve the highest energy efficiency and thermal insulation performance. This system features a traditional Scandinavian window design, which is combined with up-to-date shapes, faultless functionality and highest quality. The configuration is made up of the wooden frame with composite material and exterior aluminum shell.

The Aile COto 48 system is equipped with dual pane insulated glass units, the Aile COto 62 system has triple pane insulated glass units.

Aile COto window and door systems are suitable for residential projects as well as  commercial and institutional projects with technically complicated engineering, functional, architectural and visual requirements.

Passive House Standard can be achieved with Aile COto 62 windows using triple insulated glass units with Ug value 0.5 W/m2K (0.09 BTU).



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