Bourassa entry and garage doors

Bourassa Doors is a leading Canadian manufacturer of wood entry and garage doors. All products are custom made and engineered in-house to meet your design requirements. They are technically advanced, designed for a long life and give you the warmth and beauty of a superior wood product.

Custom Designed

061-portebois-tudorWith Bourassa entry doors you achieve your vision of a traditional, transitional or contemporary design through your choices of:

  • Mahogany, Red Cedar and Pine wood species
  • Baldwin Mortise Handle Sets
  • Wide range of painted or clear coated finishes
  • Wrought iron inlays
  • Mouldings or wooden facings in various designs
  • Anodized Aluminum or Granite thresholds
  • Custom wood engravings

When you choose a matching garage door, the design is cohesive and the impact is impressive. Bourassa custom designed wood garage doors feature:

  • Frame and door are made of the same wood species:  Mahogany, Red Cedar or Pine
  • Torsion hardware for square or shaped configuration
  • Wide range of painted or clear coated finishes
  • Insulated decorative security glass inserts
  • Automatic garage door opener and remote entry
  • Mouldings or wooden facings in various designs
  • Custom wood engravings

MAESTRA™ Technology

Bourassa revolutionized the way wood doors are made, with an anti-warping, anti-cracking, anti-draft and anti-peeling technique called MAESTRA™. This new technology will provide peace of mind for decades to come.



Their patented reinforcement system increases the door’s stiffness and prevents warping. For larger doors, they’ve created a thickness chart based on the door’s dimensions to maintain the stiffness to height ratio so there is no risk of warping.


The door structure is built of multiple pieces of wood glued together with veneer on both sides to weatherproof the glue joints. The glue used for the veneer also acts as a moisture barrier. The floating panels on the inside of the door allow the wood to contract and expand freely with the temperature, while their gluing method makes the joints stronger than the wood fiber and prevents the wood from cracking.


no-drafts-f1Copper Interlock™ weather stripping provides a better seal to prevent air from entering thanks to its lock-and-key design and a contact surface that’s three times larger than conventional weather-strips. Their doors are also equipped with a second side weather-stripping for maximum protection.

The edges of the floating panels are sealed with a non-drying butyl that keeps the panel sealed while allowing it to contract and expand with the temperature. The invisible multi-strip brush system, combined with their waterjet molding, seals out even the heaviest rain to provide the best leak protection.


Their 4-coat finishing system provides long term protection against all environmental conditions.

Coat 1 •  The impregnators create a protective barrier against fungi, molds, and parasites.
Color-enhancing impregnators give wood the desired shade and protect it from UV rays and atmospheric agents such as rain, frost, and pollution.

Coat 2 • The sealer extends the life of the wood and improves top-coat adhesion and resistance. Sealer is easy to sand and effectively fills pores to give your wood a beautiful finish. The insulation prevents migration of tannins.

Coats 3 & 4 • The top coat comes into direct contact with the environment. It is highly water resistant and controls how much moisture moves between the wood and the air around it. Top coats are made with filters and pigments designed to combat harmful UV rays and will keep the wood looking great for years to come.