MHB Steel window, door and façade systems

Thermally insulated facade systems, ultra thin glazed doors and screen systems, ultra slim steel profile series for windows, doors, facades and glazed walls all complying to North American codes and standards. We’ve chosen this Dutch company for its wide range of sophisticated products not matched in North America.


Bauhaus Institute meets innovative windows

MHB created a revolutionary new window system for the Bauhaus Institute in Dessau, Germany using their ultra-slim Classic ISO steel window system.

This provides exceptional wind and water tightness as well as thermal insulation with a Uwindow of 1.2 W.m2K, depending on the specification of the insulated glass units.

This system complies to North American structural and thermal codes and standards.
A tradition of craftsmanship and commitment to sustainability

MHB is an innovative company, established 350 years ago. Today they employ over 200 professionals working from its headquarters in Herveld and its modern production facilities.

Development of MHB products focuses on low energy costs for customers, sustainable materials (100% recycled steel) and very little waste results. Each year an even more sustainable production is their goal.

Fine Openings chose MHB because of its European designed and engineered steel turn and tilt window and door systems, lift slide door systems and bi-fold sliding door systems which are unmatched in the North American market. Reliability and high service levels also distinguish MHB from any competitor.

Reference Material

Brochure (PDF)  Company and product overview (Animated version)

Brochure (PDF) MHB SL30-ISO Thin framed steel profile system

Brochure (PDF) MHB Classic-ISO Deeper and stronger profile for larger windows and glass surfaces

Case study: Monkey 47 Distillery