PIRNAR Aluminum Doors on Sale

(updated 03-11-2022, see also PIRNAR Wood Doors)

The following aluminum doors are clearance items readily available from PIRNAR at a significant discount. This list changes frequently so first-come, first-served.

  • Clearance items are showroom or tradeshow models, or incorrect orders.
  • We have selected doors from the clearance inventory that appear to have no wear and tear. Prices are for the door unit but does not include shipping from Slovenia, installation or taxes.
  • There is no warranty on these deeply discounted products.
  • Pricing is based upon today’s exchange rates of EURO to CAN $. Invoice amount is subject to exchange rates on day of invoicing.

PIRNAR is a European brand offering luxury doors with superior technology. To explore PIRNAR see our product page.

For more information on these doors contact Edward Klenk at 647-808-4711 or edward@fineopenings.net.

Model 3240-503
On sale $3,000 (List $9,300)
Width 980mm/38.58”
Height 2380mm/93.7”

Model 9290-759
On sale $3,000 (List $6,500)
Width 978mm/28.50”
Height 2190mm/86.22”

Model 6011-262
On sale $3,600 (List $8,200)
Height 2245mm/88.39”
Width 1100mm/43.31”

Model 1855-360
On sale $3,700 (List $8,300)
Height 2250mm/88.58”
Width 1100mm/43.31”

Model 8370P-762
On sale $3,800 (List $8,700)
Width 1022mm/40.24”
Height 2050mm/80.71”

Model 3340-666
On sale $3,900 (List $8,800)
Width 1050mm/41.34”
Height 2400mm/94.49”

Model 0100-698
On sale $4,200 (List $9,700)
Width 990mm/38.98”
Height 2240mm/88.19”

Model 6011G-644
On sale $4,400 (List $12,800)
Width 1100mm/43.31”
Height 3000mm/118.11”

Model 6005-765
On sale $4,800 (List $10,900)
Width 1172mm/46.14”
Height 2365mm/93.11”

Model 1641-741
On sale $4,800 (List $11,000)
Width 1100mm/43.31”
Height 2200mm/86.61”

Model 1010G-713 (Qty 2)
On sale $5,200 (List $11,300)
Width 1100mm/43.31”
Height 2510mm/99.82”

Model 7510-738
On sale $5,300 (List $12,200)
Height 2220mm/87.40”
Width 1022mm/40.24”

Model 1010G-670
On sale $5,400 (List $11,500)
Width 1090mm/42.91”
Height 2720mm/107.09”

Model 1992-1043
On sale $6,400 (List $15,100)
Height 2500mm/98.43”
Width 1100mm/43.31”

Model 615G-706
On sale $6,600 (List $15,900)
Width 1138mm/44.80”
Height 2480mm/97.64”

Model 635G-668
On sale $10,300 (List $26,000)
Width 1750mm/68.90”
Height 2995mm/117.91”