MMTW ultra-slim sliding & pivoted door systems

This award winning Portuguese fenestration manufacturer most recently won the 2019 German Design Award. The combination of their ultra-slim aluminum profiles, oversized glass surfaces available in a sliding and pivoted door applications make these uniquely designed architectural products. Exceptional thermal and structural performance is achieved through sophisticated engineering.

OTIIMA open corner applications

Offering you a seamless viewing experience, the Otiima system allows for open corners in their sliding door systems.


Pivoted entry door system

Oversized, pivoted doors present a grand entrance to any space. This design feature can be built into an interior or exterior application.


Slim profiles with oversized glass surfaces

Using self-supporting insulated glass units, these door systems push architectural limits and offer the possibility of creating oversized glazed surfaces up to 36 sqm (387 sqft).

Floor to ceiling 20 mm (0.8”) vertical reinforced profiles provide a minimal appearance merging indoor and outdoor into one. The slim and elegant handle provides a streamlined appearance and its unique rolling system guarantees ease of operation. The system can be motorized and remote controlled.


Exceptional performance

  • Exceptional water tightness: Class E1050 (best in class in the minimal frame systems market).
  • Air permeability: Class 4; tested under pressures up to 600 Pa, according to EN 12207.
  • Wind resistance: Class C5; tested for wind speeds > 200 km/h and wind loads up to 2,000 Pa (200 kg/m²), according to EN 12210.
  • Sound insulation: Up to Rw=37 dB.

Heated gutter systems

OTIIMA.3 DRAINAGEIdeal for a Canadian winter, these doors can come equipped with a heated gutter system that ensures controlled drainage to the exterior.

Superior thermal break technology

Exceptional binding polyamides and high energy performance glass assure top structural, thermal and acoustic efficiency. Available in single, double and triple glass.

Hidden high security lock

Safe tempered/laminated glass units and an exclusive locking system assures a high quality level of security. The hidden locking system is an elegant solution and unique in the fenestration market.


Reference Materials

General Technical Catalogue EN_FR (PDF)