UNILUX Wood Aluminum Window, Door and Façade Systems

UNILUX is an in-house designed and engineered brand of quality made in Germany since 1955. Only products of uncompromising excellence have made UNILUX a recognized quality leader in the international fenestration business world wide.

Wood aluminum windows and doors

The window/door wood core provides structural integrity as well as creating comfort from a feel-good material. The exterior aluminum shell gives a robust protective shield against the elements. Together, they form a wood aluminum shell product which lasts for generations without the need for continuous maintenance. These products are beautiful and impressive with their excellent thermal insulation and durability.

Highest level thermal insulation

Triple glazed windows guarantee the highest thermal insulation and make a significant contribution to energy efficiency. The aluminum shell on the window frame is firmly bonded to the wood, but there is still enough play to compensate for temperature fluctuations and remain sealed. This prevents heat loss and ensures a permanent seal against the rain and snow.

UNILUX wood & aluminum windows are characterized by their intelligent detailed solutions: The “warm edge” between the individual window panes ensures the thermal separation of the individual elements and noticeably reduces the buildup of condensation during the colder months. In addition to excellent thermal insulation, the triple glazing also ensures a high level of soundproofing – so that your home remains a place of rest and relaxation.


The operating sashes of UNILUX wood & aluminum windows are secured with full perimeter multi-point locking hardware containing mushroom head locks, making it impossible to pry open the construction. Their SAFE packages offer a wide range of options to meet the highest security requirements.

Design options

93ea8af958fd03146b4cf82f00c090091d938b88.x1280UNILUX wood & aluminum windows come in a variety of different shapes and designs. Aside from traditional rectangular shapes you can have round or triangular windows, rounded arches and segments with muntin bars. You also have a choice of different opening systems: closed, tilting or fully opening. Take your pick from more than 2000 different RAL colors and decors for your customized window frames. When combined with 187 wood tones, you have a choice of around 1.5 million different color combinations.


FineLine Façade System (Curtain Wall)

FineLine is distinguished by its slender yet solid wood post & beam construction. The sophisticated invisible connection technology ensures maximum stability for large façades and allows for even tricky architectural tasks to be mastered with maximum quality.

The system comes in a variety of wood species including factory stained or painted wood finish colours. Choose from different interior wood profile and exterior aluminum profile configurations. The exterior aluminum shell can be provided with anodized or powder coated colours.

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Reference Material

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