About us

We are sourcing the best designed and engineered products from around the world and using certified master craftsmen for installation. We provide:

  • Window, Door and Entry Door Systems
  • Façade and Curtain Wall Systems
  • Screen Systems for Oversized Applications


Edward Klenk
President of Fine Openings
Master Craftsman’s Degree as
Window, Door & Façade Maker (Germany)

We are industry experts with technical knowledge and project expertise from 20 year’s experience in Germany and 20 years in North America. Our product line is chosen for the quality of manufacturing and exceptional design meeting the challenging conditions of the Canadian environment.

We design and engineer these fenestration applications around your vision and requirements.

Home owners

For you, the end user and your advisors we offer tailored fenestration solutions for your specific project. Each project is unique in design and requirements. Properly scoped and budgeted, our projects are executed with German precision.


For product manufacturers we provide sales and marketing expertise in Canada, developing wholesale, retail and commercial distribution channels. It’s about building your brand in this marketplace.

Our product line is ever evolving as we scout the world for the best ideas for our customers in Canada.

We invite Architects, Designers, Developers, Custom Home Builders and Hospitality professionals to explore projects with us.