Our consulting services will assist you or your team in understanding the marketplace, determine your actual options and requirements, and help guide your project from concept to completion.

Consulting services are available to home owners, architects and designers, custom home builders, and advisory boards and provided throughout the project lifecycle.

PHASE 1: Discovery        

  • Project concept evaluation (renovation or new build)
  • Buyer’s requirements & budget considerations
  • Technical aspects (product related)
  • Vendor review/evaluation
  • Product options
  • Service requirements (testing, thermal transfer)
  • As is evaluation (existing building)
  • Presentations, vendor visits
  • Specifications document (including technical, services, timelines, budget, warranty)

Phase 2: Tendering

  • Tendering and bidding process management
  • Vendor presentations and evaluation
  • Proposal evaluation (technical and budget, reference checks)
  • Presentations, vendor visits
  • Vendors/products selection
  • Payment schedule

Phase 3: Purchase

  • Review purchase contract
  • Monitoring vendor status/project timeline

Phase 4: Installation

  • Oversee installation preparation ensuring openings are built to plan
  • Product delivery and quality check
  • Monitoring installation and quality assurance

Phase 5: Take over

  • Product and installation evaluation
  • Walk through and report
  • Deficiencies/rectification of deficiencies
  • Dispute resolution
  • Final signature, payment and completion report

Why hire us as your professional window and door consultant?

For over 45 years, Edward Klenk has built an unmatched knowledge of the fenestration industry: 16 years experience designing, manufacturing and installing windows, doors and façades in Germany and 25 years in Canada advising architects, builders and home owners on fenestration solutions for their projects. He’s on top of trends, connected to the industry and committed to high quality in both the products used and their installation.

Considerations for window, door & façade systems: Esthetics – Engineering – Longevity – Functionality – Thermal Performance – Structural Performance – Sound Attenuation – Material Options

Considerations for vendor selection: Product Engineering – Manufacturing Process – Service Mix – Team Experience – Project Experience – Pricing

  • A trusted advisor will take the uncertainty and stress out of the decision-making process.
  • An objective professional arbitrator can decode the jargon, translate product technical details for you, improve negotiations and help ensure a more informed decisioning process.
  • Add our experience and knowledge to bring new ideas, proven methods and constructive analysis to your project.
  • Add expertise to augment your team on a project basis and extend your network of vendors and professionals in the marketplace, expanding your product options.
  • Give you the assurance of having an expert advisor, who brings an exceptional skill set and protects you from costly mistakes!

Industry support

For advisors and industry professionals our product briefings and learning lunches ensure you keep up to date on industry trends, leading edge solutions and new technologies.