Offering the complete chain of service to support all aspects of your project.

Consultation to determine your unique project requirements, specifications, and budget. This is our chance to bring you ideas, products, and technical input offering a complete solution.

Working with our suppliers, local or overseas, we import the product and ensure safe delivery to your project site. All shipping is exclusively handled for us by Emo-Trans. Established in 1965 in Stuttgart, Germany, EMO Trans has 90 offices in 17 countries, including Canada, and 250+ network locations in 120 countries providing exceptional logistics services.


Our expert team of installers works with your project management team to time and professionally install the product.

WINDOW INSTALL1Our team is ready to respond to post installation situations, supporting the manufacturer’s warranty locally.

For advisors and industry professionals our product briefings and learning lunches ensure you keep up to date on industry trends, leading edge solutions and new technologies.