Pirnar contemporary handmade entry doors

Pirnar’s excellence starts with their forward-thinking R&D and continues through their precision manufacturing. This Slovenian company makes innovative, award winning entry doors for a discerning home owner. These prestigious entrance doors will increase the value of your entire house.

Innovative and award-winning designs

Pirnar’s award winning fingerprint sensor technology gives your home bank vault security. Press your finger on the access panel and the hidden handle pops out automatically, combining security with an irresistible touch of luxury. Elegantly hidden handle and fingerprint reader, magical night lighting and beautiful hand-worked surfaces – each door is a masterpiece for itself.

Choose your configuration from the dozens of designs available in their many collections. Choose from a wide array of colors and surface treatments. Up to quad glazing offers the possibility of endless combinations of patterns and textures all with superior thermal performance. The variety of handle combinations and locking systems will entice the most demanding customer.

Superior thermal and structural performance

Pirnar aluminium doors have an outstanding thermal performance of Udoor down to 0.61 W/(m2K) with an additional insulating filling. Their wood and wood-aluminium doors are also impressive with a thermal performance of Udoor down to 0.93 W/(m2K). These levels are unmatched by North American products.

Just look at the technical features of the Ultimum Pure 110 Door SystemPirnar-crosscut-2

    • Quadruple gasket system
    • Thermal insulation panel of 110 mm
    • Quadruple insulated glass, flush surface with exterior door leaf
    • Double-sided covering profile with carbon reinforcement
    • Thermal break with 40 mm insulation
    • Thermally insulated black PVC threshold
    • Aluminium covered door leaf and frame
    • Exterior door frame aligned with frame with invisible joints
    • Exceptional thermal conductivity from 0.61 W/(m2K)

Reference Material


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Brochure (PDF) PIRNAR Ultimum 2020