RK Pivot Doors

RK Pivot Doors are based on German designed and engineered Wicona aluminium door systems ā€“ using traditional metals and modern materials to modify and create spectacular one-of-a-kind designs. RK Pivot Doors are well known in the European market and is now coming to Canada and the US.


The catalogue offers a wide variety of models and styles. You can also personalize the models or have a custom designed pivot door made for your application. Unlimited design and feature options are what makes RK Pivot Doors unrivalled in the luxury aluminium door business. These doors are characterized not only by their modern design and technical excellence but also high-quality production from their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Pivoted doors are the newest trend in residential architecture. They make a bold statement and give your home a luxurious curb appeal.

Selection of the available surfaces


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