OPTIWIN (PH) wood-aluminum window, lift and slide door and façade systems

OPTIWIN is the international brand name of Freisinger Fensterbau fenestration product lines manufactured 100% in Ebbs (Austria). We have chosen from their product line the windows and doors that are certified by the Passiv Haus Institute in Germany. Freisinger Fensterbau was founded in 1932 and is now led by the fourth generation of the family who continues to value sustainable production.

To a large extent, all wood components are made from the renewable resource wood, procured only in Europe. By implementing innovative technology, the natural material transforms into a highly developed, innovative product.

OPTIWIN PURISTA wood-aluminum window

Certified-ComponentThis special aluminum design covers the frame and sash and enables an exterior appearance of pure glass. This is the same appearance for fixed elements. Like all OPTIWIN window systems, OPTIWIN PURISTA can accept glazing that is up to 60 mm thick, for extreme heat transfer as low as 0.64 W/m2K and is certified as an A-component by the Passive House Institute. The refined design of the window system results in an installation-optimised thermal bridge.

OPTIWIN RESISTA wood-aluminum window

Clear recessed frame/sash optics and outstanding durability: the frame’s outer layer is made of aluminium and protects the wood window from the elements. It has a slender design, excellent heat insulation performance and the frame can be insulated up to the sash. Only the narrow sash is visible from the outside, contributing to the minimalist appearance; and this also optimises heat insulation at the important connection to the building.

Certified-ComponentOPTIWIN RESISTA uses four seals and two drainage levels for the best possible protection against cold, driving rain and noise. With a Uw value as low as 0.65 W/m2K, OPTIWIN RESISTA is certified as an A-component by the Passive House Institute for fulfilment of the highest requirements.

This line has a CLASSIC variant with visible hardware, and a MODERN variant with concealed hardware.

OPTIWIN MOTURA wood-aluminum lift slide door

A timeless and elegant design with its narrow frame and large glass surfaces, provides nearly unlimited views, producing a direct connection between indoors and outdoors.

The OPTIWIN MOTURA door works with all other OPTIWIN systems: It has the same shadow gaps, is available in the same wood types and surfaces, and can be outfitted with matching hardware.

Certified-ComponentThe wood construction fulfils the most stringent requirements for energy efficiency, achieving Uw values as low as 0.62 W/m2K. This lift slide door is certified as an A-component from the Passive House Institute.

The frame of OPTIWIN MOTURA can be insulated up to the sash. This underscores its minimalist appearance while optimising heat insulation at the important connection to the building. The barrier-free threshold is made of high-tolerance fibreglass and provides a second drainage level.

The Insulated Glass units are bonded to the frame giving the lift slide door extraordinary structural stability and minimises maintenance. The glazing protects the wood frame from all types of weather damage. The lift slide door is very smooth moving and highly functional even in large formats.

OPTIWIN all-glass façade system

Thin all-glass systems consisting of all-glass walls, glass corners and matching windows and lift sliding doors ensure elegant transparency as interior and exterior spaces merge seamlessly into one another.

Certified-ComponentThese systems are optimized to provide the highest possible thermal insulation and fulfill all structural and thermal standards for passive houses. Configured and manufactured to the requirements of your project.

OPTIWIN post and beam façade system

The transom-mullion façade features an exceptional thermal insulation value, meeting the standard for low energy homes (not Passive House certified). On the inner surface the structural timber construction ensures a beautiful and natural esthetic. On the outer surface the vitrification of the transom-mullion façade is held together by robust and durable aluminium pressure bars.

OPTIWIN-TM-SG-FACADEOPTIWIN-TM-BASIC-FACADEThe Basic version of this system is based on a traditional approach using wood structural components and aluminium shell. The Structural Glazing version is based on interior wood structural components and exterior glass-to-glass bonding which creates a all glass façade.


OPTIWIN Brochure (PDF)